Monday, March 21, 2011

Sneak Peek!

Hey guys! I am going to let you have a sneak peek of some rooms I have been working on! You only get one picture of each room. You will have to stay tuned to get the details of the rooms and how I completed some of the projects :-)

The Master Bedroom: Needs alot of TLC but all boxes are unpacked!

Office/Guest Room: This couch is a hideaway for guests and also serves as another sitting area. The color scheme was sort of chosen by accident but I ended up loving it!

Ryder's Room: He absolutley LOVES his room! He has only cried one night that we have put him to bed :-)

Hall Bathroom: Still a work in progress. Getting there though. We need to replace the vanity doors and paint them dark brown. Ohhhh awwww!

Hall: This is the display wall for Ryder's artwork! Zack and I have decided this is one of our favorite projects.

Entryway: There is not a lot of space to create much here but I still had fun doing it.

Front: I tried to create a door hanger that would work for all seasons.

Dining Room: My "B" Wall. I had a BLAST creating this.

Living Room: Do you see Ryder waving to you?

Breakfast Nook: I love all the sunshine that swarms through the windows here each morning!

Kitchen: Still a work in progress. Gotta work on those upper cabinets. I have an idea though :-)
 Stay tuned for more details to be revealed and best practices! We had some failed projects but we had a lot that turned out wonderful!


Candace said...

Your house is gorgeous! I LOVE the dining room! You have done an amazing job decorating girl! Ryder's room is so cool! :)

Monica said...

Love, love, love it! You did an awesome job. Love Ryder's room, so cute.

Rachel Bryant said...

Thanks guys! I had so much fun doing it. There is still alot of work to do but it is starting to come together!