Wednesday, March 2, 2011


We have been working our rear ends off! We have been working on the house every night until late and weekends. We are anxious to get this house done and move in ready. We are aiming for March 12th as a move in date **fingers crossed** Here is our progress:

These are all of the kitchen cabinets. We mudded the knob holes to change it from a double handle to just a single knob. The cabinets are going to be sprayed cream.

We added crown to the top of the cabinets to add a more modern look.

Look at that beautiful opening! No half walls! When you see Zack tell him his trim job looks amazing because it does (wink,wink)

All new base boards are down and ready to finish white in every room.

New opening with trim and base boards again

New handrail leading to garage. Will be finished in dark brown.

Brand new door frames for new doors

Zack and Keith working hard for the money...well, they aren't being paid but they are still working hard!

Ryder watching MeMe vaccuum

Master Bathroom all knocked out and ready for tile

Entry paint color

Living Room paint color

Ryder and I trying out master window seat

Ryder is such a goofball...he will love the window seat

Beautiful Master Bedroom decor....I think we should leave the toilet there? What do you think? ;-)

Master Window seat I cannot wait to decorate!

Stay tuned! Hope to have much more updates to come!!

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Candace said...

I'm so excited to see it all done! You all really ARE working hard!:)