Monday, March 28, 2011

Dining Room Lovliness!

Like promised I will be going room by room to let you know how I completed some of my projects!
This is one of a set of two hanging mirrors. They were originally going to be housed in my master bath but since my master bath is still IN PROCESS they are permanently lounging in the dining area.
They are facing each other on opposite walls. I love what it does for the room! (Got them at Target for cheap!)
These dried plant arrangements have been part of my residence since I was a senior in high school! I was thrilled to find a great spot for them on either side of my bench! The crates were a bonus because I bought a crate on for holding our living room electronics, well, it actually came in a set of 3! So the other 2 fit great in the dining area!
Other side of the bench. I like how they are similar but not identical.
If you know anything about me then you know that I do not sew. I made these pillows out of hot glue!
More pillows to go with my B wall.
My "B" Wall! (B for Bryant if anyone was wondering)
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
Curtains go so well with the table runner
Living room view
View from kitchen
Do you love it??


Monica said...

I do love it! I'm curious, you hot glued all of the pillows? No stitches anywhere?

Candace said...

LOVE it. When we FINALLY get a house someday... I'll be asking you for help to decorate it! :)

Heather Henehan said...

The inside looks awesome! What about outside pics?